Een verblijf in  Hardanger Basecamp biedt een authentieke, unieke en comfortabele "Back to Nature - Back to ervaring.

Basics"A stay in Hardanger Basecamp offers an authentic, unique and comfortable "Back to Nature - Back to Basics" experience. Our accommodation is situated at the shore of one of the most famous fjords in the world, the Hardanger Fjord, known as "the Queen of the Fjords" while you are also surrounded by steep 1 km high mountains that are part of the breathtaking 'Hardangervidda' mountain plateau.

It is this place that we offer you a unique yurt accommodation. The cozy interior of the yurts breath a natural and homey atmosphere because of the antique and handmade furniture and the many different animal skins, antlers and items used to decorate the yurts.

In Hardanger Basecamp you can choose between three different formula's to stay the night:

Which ever formula you choose, breakfast is always included.

In addition to the already included breakfast, it is also possible to enjoy lunch and/or dinner in the Osa Kafeen. However, it is also possible to prepare your own meals on the campfire. Additional to your accommodation booking, it is possible to include a 'welcome workshop' in which you learn to make a campfire, maintain it and how to cook on it. Also there will be a box with cooking equipment provided which can be used for the duration of your stay.

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