come and enjoy delicious Belgian pancakes in The 100-year-old Cafe!

The Osa Kafeen is a cozy place with an amazing hidden story. 100 years ago it was built to be a cafe for the workers employed to build one of the largest hydro power plants in Norway. It took 2200 workers and 11 years of hard work, but unfortunately the project was ended due to a bankruptcy. Now, the Kafeen and a huge network of tunnels and shafts is all that remains from that period. 

Learn more about the fascinating history and book our historic "tunnel excursion". (click "activities centre") 

The super cozy Kafeen is situated right next to a white river coming from the nearby mountain. There is a garden offering place for at least 40 persons. Sitting just a few meters away from the stream, listening to the sounds it makes while having a pancake is an experience in itself!

In Osa Kafeen, every tourist can get touristic information, coffee, tea, pancakes, delicious local dishes, Belgian beers, local ciders or an ice cream. Our overnight staying guests from Hardanger Basecamp enjoy a delicious "all you can eat" pancake breakfast, along with a variety of at least 5 different homemade marmalades, made from handpicked fruits, flowers or plants and a range of Belgian sugars.

They can also book diner and spend an evening in this unique and exclusive place.

The cafe is also the starting place for some of our excursions or activities, but can perfectly serve as a starting place for self-organised hiking trips in the region with parking space nearby. You can treat yourself with a  well-deserved drink and a snack or meal after your adventure. 


  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Dandelion lemonade
  • Pine tree lemonade 
  • ISBRE local mineral water
  • Coca Cola
  • Fanta
  • Sprite
  • Local apple juice​​
  • Local ciders
  • Belgian beers
  • White/red wine
BREAKFAST                                             (until 10:00 h.)
(in combination with Hardanger Basecamp accommodation.)​
  • Pancake buffet 

An "all you can eat" pancake feast served with a selection of Belgian sugars and our homemade special jams and marmalades such as pine tree jam, dandelion gele, rowan marmalade and many more. Of course coffe. tea, hot chocolate and juice is included.

PS We offer alternative breakfast for vegans and vegetarians.

DURING THE DAY                              (from 11:00 h. to 17:00 h.)
  • Pancake
  • Apple pancake
  • Savory pancake(cheese, ham and egg)
  • Local Fish plate
  • Local "cured" meat plate
SPECIAL OFFER        (from 11:00 h. to 17:00 h.)
  • 1 apple pancake,coffee/tea incl.
  • 1 pancake, coffee/tea incl.​

Address Osa Kafeen:

Sjøvegen 57, 

5730 Osa (Ulvik) Norway


  • Home made marmalades 
    • Dandelion marmalade

    • Aronia marmalade

    • Hawkweed syrup (limited)

    • Spruce shoot (pine) syrup

    • Wild plum marmalade

    • Blueberry marmalade

    • Cloudberry marmalade (limited)

  • Belgian sugars
    • Brown candis sugar

    • Blond candis sugar

    • Sugar cane

  • Firesteel
  • Viking steel
  • Maya stick
  • Stone age knife
  • Mushrooms
How to get there

OPENING HOURS for the public

Open daily from June 15th  to August 31st

From 11:00 h. to 17:00 h.


(Breakfast for Hardanger Basecamp guests
is served until 10:00 h.)


  • Muffin
  • Kvikk lunsj
  • Chocolate bar (milk)
  • Polly peanuts nuts
  • Icecream assortment

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T: +47 - 911 88 237   

Tyssevikvegen 31

5730 Ulvik, Norway

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